Fly To The End - 17/11/2018

Fly To The End - 1.0.7

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TẢI VỀ 17/11/2018

Hôm nay: 25/06/2024

  • Yêu cầu

    Android 4.0 trở lên

  • Ảnh giao diện
    Fly To The End

Fly to The End, built on the idea Stork looking for food, but on the way it see many difficulties come from natural, strange objects or somewhere bullets shot from the ground targeted on it.
However, in the game you don’t find a stork but replated a young man with a propeller plane flying home, as well as players won’t find the food items, it replated by energy pills help the character's in the game fly further.
The energy will be lost by time or collision with the red stone. Therefore, the player needs to control avoid the red ones and grab the blue pills by touching and moving the finger on the screen or using the mouse to move.
Each level up the number is defined by the circle on the left, difficult level also rise from that. Movement velocity increases or decreases depending on this number.

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